News about tenant/clients

News about tenant/clients of BIA/NYS member incubator programs.

RIT Venture Creations incubator graduates 5 more startups

Five more startups have graduated from our supporting member the RIT Venture Creations incubator, bringing 31 jobs into the surrounding community, according coverage of the graduation in the Democrat & Chronicle. The five are:

For more information see the RIT news release.


C&E News tags battery startup NOHMs, incubated at Cornell Business & Technology Park and now at Eastman Business Park, as chemistry-centric startup to watch

In its latest list of 10 "chemistry-centric" startups to watch, the American Chemical Society magazine Chemical & Engineering News included NOHMs Technologies, an advanced-battery startup licensing Cornell technology that previously incubated at our member Cornell Business & Technology Park and now resides at our member Eastman Business Park. Here is the full NOHMs profile

Life Unit, developing strategies to combat biofilms implicated in drug resistance and CF, becomes newest tenant at CNYBAC

Life Unit LLC, a winner of a $25,000 matching grant for applied research from the Grants for Growth program of CenterStateCEO, will become the newest tenant/client of our member the Central New York Biotech Accelerator at SUNY Upstate. The matching grant supports a partnership between the startup and the Yan-Yeung Luk Lab at Syracuse University.

Life Unit is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics and chemical agents for treating and controlling biofilms implicated in drug resistance, persistent infections, and health conditions including Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and chronic acne.

Re-Nuble, receiving incubation support from both Harlem Biospace and CEBIP, profiled at InnovateLI

Re-Nuble, a tenant/client of our member incubator Harlem Biospace, was profiled at InnovateLI because it is simultaneously receiving incubation support from the NYSERDA-supported Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) at Stony Brook University. According to the profile, Re-Nuble is converting food waste through anaerobic digestion into fertilizer designed specifically for hydroponic agriculture, providing a substitute for chemical fertilizers. Here is the Re-Nuble profile



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