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News about people in the NYS incubator community

Harlem Biospace wet-lab incubator joins BIA/NYS

Harlem Biospace, developed with support from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), has joined BIA/NYS as our newest member. Situated in a mixed-use zone of West Harlem close to CUNY City College and Columbia University but not owned by either one, Harlem Biospace was designed to serve up to 20 biotechnology, biomaterials, and medical-device/technology startups with work desks, wet-lab benches, and access to shared wet-laboratory resources.

The incubator seeks both university-affiliated and independent entrepreneurs as tenant/clients. The principal of Harlem Biospace is Dr. Sam Sia, a faculy member in biomedical engineering at Columbia who has a strong track record of entrepreneurship and startup formation. The facility is managed by Matt Owens. For more information, please see the collection of current news on the Harlem Biospace website and also the NYCEDC news release from last year. 

We warmly welcome Harlem Biospace to membership. It is our third new member this month.


thINCubator, serving student-initiated ventures in the Mohawk Valley, opens in Utica and joins BIA/NYS

thINCubator (the INC stands for "Innovative New Companies") has joined BIA/NYS as our newest member, our second addition this month. 

Based in historic Baggs Square West in downtown Utica, thINCubator is intended mainly to work with student entrepreneurial teams from the several colleges in the region, including Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) and SUNY's Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome (SUNY IT). It will also consider residence by independent entrepreneurs. Initial support was provided by the MVCC Foundation, joined by the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties and others.

The program is built around not just space but intensive instruction by MVCC, coaching by a set of volunteer mentors being recruited now, regional meetups and hackathons, and other entrepreneurial support. thINCubator is led by John Liddy, who founded the Student Sandbox, a multi-college student incubator based at our member The Tech Garden in Syracuse.

For more information, see the links and social media available here and also news releases from MVCC. 

Downtown Ithaca Incubator, the Southern Tier's Innovation Hot Spot, joins BIA/NYS

The Innovation Hot Spot serving the Southern Tier region, a multi-institution collaboration known as the Downtown Ithaca Incubator, has joined BIA/NYS as our newest member. The main partners of the regional Hot Spot are Cornell University, Binghamton University, and the Ceramics Corridor Innovation Centers (all also members of BIA/NYS). The physical incubator is a collaborative venture among Cornell University, Ithaca College, and SUNY's Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3).

The downtown facilty is intended as flexible coworking space for entrepreneurs whether they are college or university-affiliated or independent. Tenants and clients will be encouraged to graduate and expand into nearby commercial space. The Innovation Hot Spot award carries annual operating funding from NYS and strong tax incentives for startup enterprises. Cornell received a separate capital grant from the state to support buildout of space in the redeveloped Carey Building at 314 East State Street, just off the downtown Commons. 

The incubator and Hot Spot will be directed by Tom Schryver, an undergraduate and MBA alumnus of Cornell with a long record of entrepreneurial success. For more information, see the news releases issued by Cornell, Ithaca College, or TC3. We warmly welcome the Downtown Incubator to membership! 

RIT Venture Creations announces milestone for Sweetwater Energy, graduate of the affiliated NYSERDA Clean Energy Incubator, and new video series for regional entrepreneurs

The Venture Creations incubator at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) announced that Sweetwater Energy, a highly successful 2012 graduate of the associated NYSERDA-sponsored Clean Energy Incubator, has signed a $100 million deal to supply California-based Pacific Ethanol with industrial sugars dervied from non-edible agricultural waste that can be fermented into fuels without driving up demand for food sources like corn.

This brings the volume of contracts signed this year to over half a billion dollars, and the firm is on track to reach $1 billion in 5 years. Sweetwater sells waste-derived sugars for use in ethanol-based fuels and industrial feedstocks to customers nationwide. Up to 50 jobs will be created in Rochester through a joint venture with Naturally Scientific. For more, see the attached news release.

Venture Creations also announced the release of a series of "Startup Insider" videos aimed at first-time entrepreneurs. Venture Creations director Bill Jones is featured in one of the videos, which are available here. For more, see the attached news release.