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Incubator network bill introduced in state Senate

Orange County Business Accelerator hosts Sen. Schumer

Sen. Charles Schumer visited our member the Orange County Business Accelerator (OCBA) in New Windsor, to speak about bipartisan legislation he has sponsored that would grant tax breaks to small firms hiring those unemployed for more than 60 days.

Sen. Schumer's visit underlines how a business incubator often becomes the focal point for entrepreneurial energy and policy development in any community.

OCBA posts news items like this as part of its blog. You can follow recent blog posts from several of our members in the lower left-hand column of the BIA/NYS website or in context of other interesting feeds here or in more expanded form here.

Public Policy Institute report endorses incubators and technology parks

 Business incubators and technology parks would play a key role in anchoring regional innovation clusters across New York State, according to a vision laid out in a report published recently by the Public Policy Institute (PPI), the research affiliate of the Business Council of New York State, Inc.

Entitled Transcending the Hamster Cage: Unfettering New York's Static Innovation Economy, the PPI report is available for download here with supporting data here.

The report includes both PPI's own recommendations and a series of personal essays, including a very interesting one signed by Alex Brownstein of Integrated Tissue Dynamics, LLC. Alex is the former manager of the incubator program at the SUNY Albany East Campus, and one of the original incorporators of this association. 

New bills in the U.S. House to support research parks, seed funds; latest EDA thoughts on regional innovation clusters

Recent bill introductions in the House of interest to the business incubation community are:

  • H.R. 4413, counterpart to S. 583, would authorize the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to provide grants and loan guarantees for planning and construction of research parks;
  • H.R. 3738 would authorize the Small Business Administration (SBA) to establish a program through which SBA would help capitalize funds that make early-stage investments in targeted technology industries.

The Obama administration has not endorsed either bill, but to view the administration's latest thoughts on the role of incubators in regional innovation clusters, see the recent Chicago speech of Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development John Fernandez.



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