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RIT issues review of Venture Creations incubator: $30m in capital raised, 340 jobs created, and 57 companies housed in the first decade

Our member the Venture Creations incubator at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has posted a year-in-review, including its cumulative job-creation record in its first decade of development: 57 companies housed, 340 jobs created, and more than $30 million in private capital leveraged. 

The document also reports that during 2013 Venture Creations

  • was notified by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) that RIT's contract for a Clean Energy Incubator will be extended for an additional four years, carrying substantial support for incubation services aimed at the 10 of 23 tenants that are in the clean energy program;
  • joined High Tech