Governor’s State of the State proposes several programs of interest to the business-incubation community

In the economic-development section of his 2010 State of the State Address, Gov. Paterson proposed a $25 million seed-capital investment fund oriented at commercializing university-developed innovations, following the general thrust of recommendations he received in the recently released report of the Task Force on Industry/Higher Education Partnerships.

Our association is on record as endorsing the need for increased seed-capital funding in the state. A list of currently active seed funds is here. The Governor also proposed implementation of a small-business revolving loan fund, following the recommendations of the second report he recently received, of the Small Business Task Force.

The Governor also outlined several other proposals of interest to the business-incubation community, including enhancement or addition of several innovation-oriented tax credits and continuation of the Innovation Economy Matching Grant Program in which our website/newsletter sponsor NYSTAR plays a key role. The status of the Governor’s recommendations will be determined as part of the coming consideration by the Legislature of the Executive Budget, soon to be released. UPDATE (1/31): Our budget testimony is here.

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