Harriman Business Center incubator welcomes Breonics

Breonics, Inc., a bioengineering firm, will take 1,700 square feet and create three to five jobs at our supporting member the Harriman Business Center Incubator. Breonics is engaged in clinical trials across the nation of a perfusion technology designed to sustain the viability of organs targeted for transplantation, thus expanding the organ donation pool.

The new tenant was announced by Empire State Development, the state’s economic development agency and corporate parent of the Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation. HRTDC is redeveloping the state office complex at the Harriman Campus, as part of a program to position the Capital Region as a technology leader. For the full press release from Empire State Development quoting many of the partners in this development and explaining the role of the incubator and its close partners at SUNY’s University at Albany, click the preceding link.

Congratulations to Breonics president Ernie Green, and also to HRTDC president Peter Wohl and vice president Richard Usas!


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