Incubator network bill introduced in state Senate

S7048 — a bill that would authorize a "New York Incubator Network" — has been introduced by Sen. William T. Stachowski (D-58th Senate District), who is chairman of the state Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business. Bill text is available at the first link above.

The bill would authorize NYSTAR to recognize for five years up to 10 university-affiliated or other nonprofit technology incubators — one in each of the 10 economic-development regions of the state. Incubators that are members of this Network would be eligible for financial support, subject to appropriation, regular review, and requirements for reporting.

Our association has not yet taken an official position on this bill. If you would like to offer your own opinion, use the comment link below or our public forum. (Comments by anonymous users are subject to a moderation queue. Abusive or off-topic comments will be deleted. Member incubators and their tenants with valid user names on the website may post without moderation and to our members-only or tenant forums.)

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