Tech Garden and Cleantech Center announce new tenant/clients

Our supporting member the Tech Garden and its NYSERDA-sponsored Cleantech Center clean-energy incubator have announced the entry of a new set of tenants and other clients. A new anchor tenant is the New York Business Development Corporation, a private non-profit, non-bank lender that works through a consortium of 127 banks to provide loans to small-businesses, including those at startup and early stage. Details on other new entrants after the break. 

New Tech Garden tenants:

  • AppFury, LLC: an iPhone application developer specializing in location-based software;
  • a human resource software developer;
  • CaneFields USA: a start-up that is developing the North American market for paper from fiber recovered from sugarcane waste;
  • Emerson: developing software and offering interactive services for professionals in the high-performance, energy-efficient building sciences;
  • Haledyne: developer of an energy-efficient technology for eradication or airborne germs (see earlier story).
  • New York Business Development Corporation: see above;
  • Professional Tradesmen, Inc. (PTI): a provider of cabling and installer of IP surveillance cameras;
  • a software developer with a website serving more than 16,000 paying members of the global translation community;
  • Quentures: a software developer of iPhone social applications, currently in beta-testing; and
  • Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc. (SHG): a provider of strategic, financial and M&A advisory services to small and mid-market corporate clients. The Tech Garden will be SHG’s headquarters for a recently launched high tech practice. 

New Cleantech Center incubator-portfolio companies:

  • BioChar Heating: an early-stage company commercializing biochar pyrolosis furnaces for customers with organic waste streams;
  • Dense Power: a developer of solid-state power controller products for Smart Grid and DC MicroGrid systems;
  • Emerson (see above);
  • Cortland Research LLC: an engineering firm developing a user-friendly wireless interface device that can access and analyze energy-efficiency data in for residential, commercial and industrial customers; and
  • Haledyne (see above).

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