Applied DNA Sciences project with DOD featured in IEEE Spectrum

Applied DNA Sciences, the latest venture by Long Island serial entrepreneur Jim Hayward to reside at our supporting member the LIHTI incubator, was featured at the website of Spectrum, the magazine of the IEEE professional society.

According to Spectrum, ADNAS is working with the DOD Defense Logistics Agency to apply its coding technologies based on plant DNA to “fingerprint” electronic components, protecting against counterfeits entering the defense-technology supply chain. The ADNAS technology has been shown to sruvive the heat and stresses of semiconductor processes, and is currently being studied for integration throughout the supply chain, Spectrum reported.

Hayward was the founder of the Collaborative Group, an advanced-technology company serving the personal-care products and pharmaceutical industries, which has been an anchor tenant at LIHTI since 1990. Collaborative operated independently for 14 years before being acquired by Engelhard (now BASF) in 2004. ADNAS is his next venture, which he also chose to locate at the LIHTI incubator. It is now a publicly traded company (OTCBB:APDN). Hayward addressed the 2008 annual meeting of our association, which was held at LIHTI.

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