NYC ACRE adds three startups, graduates three

The New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renwable Economy (NYC ACRE), the NYSERDA-sponsored clean-energy incubator collocated with our supporting member the NYU-Poly Varick Street incubator, has admitted three new startups:

  • Energex Technologies, developing an environmental sensor to protect data centers;
  • Enertiv, developing real-time energy-monitoring systems for commercial and institutional facilities; and
  • HEVO, developing a wireless charging unit for hybrid or electric vehicles, to be deployed in parking lots, garages, corporate vehicle pools, etc.

NYU-Poly also announced graduation of three NYC ACRE tenant/clients:

  • Anellotech, developing a thermochemical technology to produce petrochemicals from renewables;
  • Rentricity, which installs turbines that recapture energy from water flow in buildings and other systems; and
  • Sollega, which sells a mounting system for solar modules that reduces installation costs.

For more information, see the NYU-Poly news release.

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