Rochester paper celebrates role of incubators in transforming the economy ‘from big business orientation to small business and entrepreneurship’

In a perceptive review touching on two of our supporting member incubators, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle highlights the ways “dozens of firms have been nurtured in Rochester-area business incubators and assisted by . . . programs and resources that have become an important tool for local economic development.”

The article reinforces our contention that incubators are important not just for the direct services they provide their tenant/clients, but for their overall impact on a community’s level of entrepreneurial energy. In fact, University of Rochester vice provost Duncan Moore told the newspaper that transforming the regional economy “from big-business orientation to small business and entrepreneurship” poses a 20-year, generational challenge for Rochester, but that thanks in part to these incubator programs, the climate for new-business formation in the region is “probably the best it’s ever been.”

The article highlights the experience of startups passing through two incubators operated by High Tech Rochester (the Lennox Tech Enterprise Center and the Rochester BioVenture Center) and also the Venture Creations incubator at Rochester Institute of Technology and its NYSERDA-sponsored Clean Energy Incubator. It also mentions our member The Technology Farm (the Cornell Agriculture & Food Technology Park).

Here is the full story.

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