Electronics manufacturer Trek will become an anchor of the Harrison Place incubator program in Lockport, doubling its space and adding 25 jobs

Trek Inc., a manufacturer of high-voltage electrostatic monitoring and control equipment that is itself one of several spinoffs from an established firm in Orleans County, will become an anchor tenant of Harrison Place, a four-building site in Lockport managed by our member Mancuso Business Development Group.

According to coverage in the Lockport Union-Journal, Trek will move from its existing 30,000 square-foot facility to two newly improved floors totaling 60,000 square feet in Building 4 at Harrison Place. The firm plans to add 25 new full-time jobs over the next two years. It may also consolidate additional WNY facilities at the Lockport site.

“Trek becomes both an anchor tenant of the Harrison Place project but also a magnet and mentor for the next generation of folks like them” in the incubator program that the Mancuso Group operates in buildings 1 and 2, said B. Thomas Mancuso, CEO of the development company.  “We’re very excited about this project because, in addition to attracting investment and creating lots of jobs, it has transformed an empty factory that was a blight in the neighborhood into an active bustling source of positive energy for the community.”

UPDATE (8/4/13): We’re informed by our supporting member the UB Technology Incubator that Trek is actually a 2012 graduate of its own incubator program!

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