ThermoLift, startup with advanced heating/cooling system, to benefit from engineering research at Stony Brook University, arranged by CEBIP clean-energy incubator

ThermoLift, Inc., a startup company that is developing an advanced, natural-gas-fueled air conditioner/heat pump, will estimate potential energy savings available to users of its system through advanced simulation models developed by engineering faculty and graduate students at Stony Brook University. The faculty time is supported by a state grant facilitated through the NYSERDA-sponsored Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP).

The case of ThermoLift is a nice example of how university-affiliated business incubators can coordinate multiple resources for startup companies. ThermoLift is one of the incubator-stage companies housed at the university’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center and is further assisted in business development by CEBIP, a component of the university’s overall incubator program.

The money to support the simulation project comes from the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR), a state-funded program available to startups at Stony Brook University and other SUNY research campuses. For more information, see the company news release.

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