Long Island media highlight clients of LIHTI, CEBIP and Calverton incubators at Stony Brook University

Local Long Island media recently highiglithed how startups are drawing critical business support from our member incubator program at Stony Brook University:

  • The northshoreoflongisland.com website visited the university’s flagship Long Island High Technology Incubator, highlighting Plant Genetic Engineering, a startup aimed at modifying plant genes so they could produce their own fertilizer from nitrogen in the atmosphere, and MetaStat, a developer of cancer therapeutics. The story also touched on the NYSERDA-sponsored Clean Energy Business Incubator Program that is collocated with several elements of the Stony Brook incubator system.
  • Riverhead patch profiled North Fork Chocolate Company, one of the early successes of the Agriculture Consumer Sciences Center that is now part of Stony Brook’s Calverton Incubator. The company recently took its sweets, farmstand soups and artisanal breads, all developed and perfected at the incubator’s test kitchen, to the local Tanger outlet mall. 

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