FluxData graduates from Venture Creations incubator, taking 4,500 square feet of commercial space; ClearCove Systems enters, with support from NYSERDA clean-energy incubator

FluxData Incorporated, a manufacturer of advanced-technology multi-spectral cameras, is graduating after five years at the Venture Creations incubator at RIT. The firm becomes the second Venture Creations graduate this year to move to Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA). With eight employees, FluxData will double in size to 4,500 square feet of commercial space at the Village Gate center. The news release from RIT underlines how residency in a university-related incubator helped FluxData arrange important collaborations with RIT imaging-science research programs and hire students as “co-ops” (paid work experience for academic credit).

A separate story from RIT also highlights the relatively recent arrival at the incubator of ClearCove Systems, a firm developing innovative and energy-generating wastewater treatment technology. The company was founded by two alumni who had been roommates in the Class of 1981, again underlining the importance of alumni to university efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship. The company has private financing and is testing its technology at a municipal wastewater system near Ithaca. It is a resident tenant and also a client of the NYSERDA-sponsored Clean Energy Incubator co-housed at Venture Creations. 

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