Center for Entrepreneurship at Hofstra University joins BIA/NYS

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Hofstra University, which just opened the ideaHUB in Hofstra’s main campus library and also plans a larger physical incubator elsewhere on campus, has joined BIA/NYS as our newest member.

The Center has reinvented a campus business-plan competition as the $100,000 Hofstra-CPXi Venture Challenge, a mentored accelerator program designed in collaboration with MIT’s Venture-Mentor program and staffed by the Center’s six entrepeneurs in residence. As part of the year-long challenge cycle, the ideaHUB will also host a series of mini-pitch events targeting specific schools or disciplines, awarding $1,000 in prizes each time. 

The Center is a university-wide initiative directed by executive dean Mark Lesko. Mark is also the founding executive director for Accelerate Long Island, a nonprofit pre-seed investment fund created by Long Island’s research institutions. We warmly welcome the Center for Entrepreneurship to our membership!


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