Privacy statement

We take your privacy seriously. Here is a current statement of our privacy practices on this website and associated mailing lists.

  • As with all webservers, our webhost logs the IP address of all visitors. Your IP address may or may not identify you individually depending on your arrangement for Internet access. We do not use logged IP addresses except for statistical analysis of site access and occasionally to block spammers
  • If you came to our site by clicking a link on a "referrer" site, that site's name is available to us. If you came to our site through a search engine, the phrase you searched for is available to us. Both elements are linked only to your IP address (see above) and are used only for statistical analysis of site access
  • You can browse the site anonymously but as with most content management systems, ours (Drupal) may occasionally set a "cookie" on your computer to assist in navigation and collection of site statistics. This is true whether you are browsing anonymously or logged in with a registered user name. You can clear cookies by following instructions pertaining to your browser or set your browser to block cookies, but some site features may not work
  • User names on this website are reserved for those affiliated with our member incubators — either program staff or tenant/clients. If you sign up for a user name using the block on the front page, you will receive a confirmation link with a temporary password that will be good once the administrator clears you for access. You can then change your password. If you forgot your password, remembering your user name will allow you to request a new one
  • In registering for a user name, we may ask your affiliation to determine if you are eligible for a user name. You may also set whether or not you wish other registered users to be able to contact you privately using your site user name
  • Once you have a registered user name, certain parts of the site not visible to anonymous browsers will become visible to you. Any posts or comments you make while logged in will show your user name, whether in a public or private part of the website
  • You may subscribe to our newsletter using the links provided. Subscriptions are available to anyone with a valid email address, and can be obtained without stating your name or affiliation, though we encourage you to do so. We do not sell or rent the mailing list
  • When you make a subscription request, you will receive a double opt-in confirmation message. Every message you receive thereafter will include opt-out instructions. If you are having trouble opting out, use the contact form or reply to the mail and we will remove you immediately.
  • Some parties on our mailing list have not opted in, but instead have provided us their contact information in other ways, or enjoy some business, professional, or political relationship with the association or its members. We make every effort to be CAN-SPAM complaint, and opt-out is available to any one at any time.
  • If you do not want to provide us with your email address, you can use our RSS feed or arrange to track the site on various on-line services such as Google or Yahoo.
  • Our incubator/tenant database includes descriptions of tenant companies of our member incubators that are excerpted either from our members' websites or the "about" pages of their tenants, along with a live link to the tenant's website. If you are an incubator tenant and object to the use of your website in this way, advise us and we will correct/eliminate.
  • All information collected by our webhost and content management system and email system is password protected and access is controlled by us alone. We password-protect any information, no matter how little or much personally identifiable information is attached
  • At times when our website includes "widgets" from third-party services such as the eventbrite registration management company it is reasonable to assume that these widgets collect certain analytical information for their owners. You are referred to their privacy policies for additional information.
  • If you have any questions about our policy please use the sitewide contact form to ask us. We reserve the right to make changes in the policy or the description of it

As of June 2008.